Our professionals at Full Service USA provides exemplary services both in handling all types of building projects as well as consulting to those who are willing to invest in real estate.


Our company was established in 2001 and has been responsible for providing fine custom building in South Florida ever since. Our specialties include custom homes, whole house renovations and detailed trim work. Our clients particularly value our ability to handle all remodeling needs during the projects, which is why they call upon us again and again.


From small renovations, to complete home, to whole house renovations, the quality and attention to detail of custom home is immediately apparent. Full time on-site supervision, a dedicated office staff and hand picked professional craftsmen are the team that take you from groundbreaking to occupancy. Every project represents 15 years of luxury homebuilding experience.

In modern times, the most common method of construction has been design-award-build (‘DAB’), also known as design-bid-build (‘DBB’). This method usually starts with the owner selecting an architect or other design professional and the execution of an owner/architect contract. Together, the owner and architect develop and work through various design stages until the final design is completed that meets the needs and goals of the owner. The architect then assists the owner to obtain a contractor who will execute the design in accordance with the owner’s requirements. A written contract between the owner and contractor is usually executed. The contractor, often termed a general contractor, engages subcontractors to complete the portions of the work not within the capabilities of the contractor, for example, excavation, masonry, steel fabrication, and other specialty work. The subcontractors may in turn have their own sub-subcontractors. Depending on the size of the project, contractors and subcontractors as well as sub-subcontractors will usually execute contracts covering their relationship.

In DAB projects, the architect is the agent of the owner, and to varying degrees set forth in the owner/architect agreement, has a duty to protect the owner’s interests with respect to the delegated aspects of the construction project. The architect is the owner’s eyes and ears on the project, he is the owner’s spokesperson with respect to construction, and he is required to interpret the plans and specifications and provide his opinion on issues relating to construction.

Full Service USA can facilitate the process for your project as you have or have not hired an architect. As a design-build company, Full Service USA creates a collaborative atmosphere among the owner, designers and contractors early in the design phase – establishing a free exchange of ideas and clear lines of communication that facilitates the conclusion and delivery of any project – Residential or Commercial.

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