Planning & Development

Land development is a multifaceted process encompassing activities from the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land. A land developer typically purchases the land, parcels it out, decides the use it will be put to, decides on the building features and completes the construction after obtaining the permits and license. The land development process is risky but also provides commensurate profits for the investor.

As it is an all-round, hectic job, we are here to help you finance real estate deals, build your project, create, imagine, control and orchestrate the process from the beginning to end. We are willing to advice the investors before they make a purchase by inspecting the land and the requirements of the investor and providing per square feet construction costs for the project. Full Service USA has the know how and expertise to get your project from research papers, ground break construction to city and county council to implement and finalize a developed project.

Why You Should Choose Full Service USA

Land development companies can derive multiple benefits by utilizing the land development services offered by Full Service USA.

  • The services of experienced land developers
  • Knowledge of local rules and regulations for land development
  • A cost effective way of obtaining estimates construction and development costs
  • Design and construction help
  • Per square feet construction cost estimates
  • Estimates of land development costs
  • Help in obtaining necessary permits and clearances from local and other authorities
  • Help in designing the development
  • Help in completing the project construction
  • Opinion about the topography of the land under consideration and its impact on the project costs and design